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Wine Party Appetizers

Wine Party Appetizers

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Servings: 10

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Wine Party Appetizers. We have all heard of wine and cheese but with the availability of European ingredients in our local markets it has grown and sparked a new improved movement of wine pairing. The items in this recipe go great with wine and makes for the best time for you and your friends. Imagine your friends seated around a table with wine glasses in hand and these incredible bites as the main attraction.


Asiago cheese 1/2 lb cubed
Stilton cheese 1/2 lb crumbled
quince 1/4 lb minced
chorizo cantimpalo 1/2 lb
fuet 1/2 lb
prosciutto 1/4 lb
manchego cheese 1/2 lb cubed


  1. On a large serving dish make little piles of each ingredient.
  2. Place in the center of a table so that your friends can nibble as they drink their wine.