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Spookey Trifle

Spookey Trifle

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Spookey Trifle Recipe. Layers of spookey fun can be had with your kids with this very easy Halloween recipe.


heavy cream 4 cups
sugar 1 cup
food coloring - yellow 2 1/2 tsps
food coloring - red 1 tsp
chocolate cake 1 cut into 1/2 inch squares
candy corn 1 cup to taste
skewers 4
fruit roll-up 4
boo marshmallow peeps 4


  1. Place the heavy cream and sugar into a mixer and whip until you form soft peaks.
  2. Add the yellow and red food coloring and mix until the whipped cream turns orange.
  3. In a trifle dish place a layer of the chocolate cake.
  4. On top of the chocolate cake place a layer of the orange whipped cream.
  5. Repeat the layering until you reach the top with a final layer of the orange whipped cream.
  6. Place the candy corn with the tips point up across the top of the trifle.
  7. Take the skewers and wrap with the fruit roll-ups.
  8. Place a boo marshmallow peep at the end of each skewer and insert into the trifle.
  9. Place in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve.


This recipe can be made with store bought whipped cream and chocolate cake.

1 Trifle serves 8 to 10 people.