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Slimey Worms

Slimey Worms

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Servings: 12

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Slimey Worms Recipe. Yuck, Eew, Gross! This is what comes to mind when serving this slimey Halloween concoction.


gelatin mix - green 3/4 lb
water 4 cups boiling
water 4 ice cold
gummi worms - neon style 2 cups


  1. In a trifle dish or clear glass serving dish place the gelatin mix.
  2. Pour in the boiling hot water and stir until the gelatin mix has dissolved.
  3. Stir in the ice cold water.
  4. Take half of the gummi worms and gently drop into the gelatin mix.
  5. Place in the refrigerator to cool for 2 hours.
  6. Remove from the refrigerator and gently add the remaining gummi worms. Using a butter knife gently stir the worms into the top half of the gelatin mix so they appear that they are floating or swimming.
  7. Place some of the worms around the rim of the dish so that they appear as though they are crawling out of the gelatin mixture.
  8. Place back in the refrigerator for an additional 2 hours or until the gelatin is firm.
  9. Remove and serve.