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Chicken Paillard with Capers

Chicken Paillard with Capers

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Servings: 4

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Chicken Paillard with Capers. An incredibly easy dish for a weeknight. Juicy chicken breast with a rich caper sauce.


chicken breast - boneless & skinless - frozen 4
salt 1/4 tsp
black pepper 1/4 tsp
olive oil 2 Tbsps
unsalted butter 3 Tbsps
caper 2 Tbsps drained
red wine 2 Tbsps


  1. Place a chicken breast between two sheets of plastic and pound with a mallet or rolling pin. Pound until the chicken is about a 1/4 inch high all the way around. Be careful not to tear holes in the chicken.
  2. Combine salt and pepper in a bowl.
  3. Sprinkle half the mixture over the chicken breasts.
  4. Heat the olive oil in a sauté pan over medium high heat.
  5. Add 1/3 of the butter.
  6. Fry the chicken for 2 minutes on one side. Sprinkle with the remaining salt and pepper. Flip and fry for an additional 2 minutes. Remove.
  7. Add the remaining butter, capers, and wine to the sauté pan.
  8. Increase the heat to high and stir continuously for about 1 minute to reduce the sauce and increase the flavor. Spoon over the plated chicken and serve.